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Why you should use a hoverboard to get to work

November 5, 2018

New Ross is like many other small towns in Ireland. There are literally plenty of towns around the same size as New Ross and of course some of the bigger cities that are always trying to improve the town centers and make a cleaner environment all round. One scheme we have seen in Dublin city centre is the city bike scheme. This allows people to rent bikes at one location and it gives you 30 minutes to cycle to the next bike stop where you then leave the bike. This has been incredibly successful with only a handful of bikes being stolen or damaged each year.

hoverboard ireland

The next scheme being talked about is something we heard on Newstalk Radio during the week and that is the use of electric hoverboards to get into work. These hoverboards run on electric lithium batteries so they have no emissions and they can be charged in your home. They have a distance of about 20kms when fully charged so they have plenty of distance in them for most small towns and cities around the country. In a town such as New Ross they would be perfect as the town is small enough that they could be used regularly.

How they can be used is another issue as they currently still fall under the road act which means that a user has to have a driving license and insurance to drive them on the road. This is obviously ridiculous and due to an old law that will more than likely be changed. There has even been talk about ministers about changing this law soon as they are trying to encourage people to use the electric hoverboards as a means of commuting to work. According to hoverboard Ireland the demand for their hoverboards are on the increase and they hope to get these added to the bike to work sceheme soon.

Schemes such as this should be taken on by small towns like our own as it would take traffic off of the roads and also cut down on pollution. The cost of one of these hoverboards is only about €200 so they are cheaper than a bike and a lot cheaper than running a car. So consider this if you are not too far from your work place and looking to save the environment whilst also saving money.

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