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Teeth Whitening Kits – A New Ross Business

November 4, 2018

We have had the pleasure of trying products from the new, New Ross business Glory Smile. They offer a range of teeth whitening products as well as other teeth hygiene products. So here is our honest review of their kits and their strips and a big shout out and best of luck to them in the future.

One of the biggest trends these days is to have whiter teeth. Whether it is from professional bleaching to common over the counter type whitening kits that you can purchase at any mass merchandise stores, many people are looking for the most effective ways to brighten their smile. Now if price is an issue for you, you definitely want to consider purchasing the whitening kits that you would but from the store that you can use at your own convenience at home. The question is which one works better for your money and is most easy to use? I have tried both whitening strips and whitening kits from Glory Smile and here is my opinion of both.

teeth whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips come in the form of thin sheets with the whitening formula on one side, which you apply directly to your teeth (one strip for the upper teeth and one for the bottom). These are easy to apply and generally cover just the front portions of your teeth where most people would see when you are smiling or talking. Usually you must leave the strips on for 45 minutes and twice a day for two weeks. Now if you’re an impatient person or if an important event is coming up soon then you might want to try out the premium versions of the strips, which cost a lot more but might be worth it. The downfall of whitening strips is that they tend to slide off easier and so you have to keep on going back to the mirror to adjust them. However, they are truly effective and my teeth were way whiter after the fourteen-day period. I would recommend getting the regular whitening strips over the premium simply because of the huge price difference. Premium versions generally run ten to fifteen euro more than the regular versions.

The teeth whitening kits that I tried came in the form of thin Styrofoam kits that contain the whitening formula within and that go around the front and backside of both your upper and bottom teeth. You generally are instructed to wear it for approximately 30 minutes a day, seven days a week. There are three big negatives with the whitening kits. One is the price. These are generally at least ten euro more than whitening strips kits and even the generic brands are more expensive as well. Two, the kits are very uncomfortable to wear and make your mouth look puffy, so it would be somewhat awkward to go out in public (unlike the strips where it does not take up room in your mouth). It was so uncomfortable to me that I quit using the rays for awhile before finishing the kit. Also, after the 30 minutes sessions were up and I removed the kits, my mouth felt quite sore for a bit. Lastly, I did not see much of a difference after using the kits (and I had waited a long period time in between to see more effective results). For the price and the effort, I felt that the kits are not worth the trouble.

A downfall for both methods is that they can have a stinging taste during and after the application session. Also, they both can leave temporary white spots on your gums and teeth, although I have noticed that the kits tend to leave more. So overall, if you are looking for an inexpensive, convenient, and effective way to brighten your smile, teeth whitening kits are the way to go.

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