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Get an Openbox V8S to watch Free TV

June 20, 2017

If you are looking to cut your TV bills then perhaps the Openbox V8S is the freesat receiver for you. The Openbox V8S is a freesat TV receiver that allows you to get free to air channels from the UK digital broadcasting service which is known as freesat. It will give you access to over 150 channels and radio stations from the UK’s most well known channels all without having to pay an expensive TV bill each month. Many homes pay over €50 per month for their TV subscription without realising that they can get a freesat receiver such as an Openbox V8S or a V9S which has in built WIFI and will work with your existing satellite dish.

Many people after the recession have being trying to cut their monthly bills whether it be electricity, phone bill or TV bill. Moving to freesat will save you over €700 per month which is quite a substantial savings. There are other options such as the Openbox V9S that will give you built in WIFI and access to apps according to who claim to be the biggest supplier of these boxes in Ireland. They offer a free delivery service to anywhere in Ireland so if you are in New Ross and looking to cut your bills then check them out.