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Save Money With Refurbished iPhones in New Ross

June 14, 2016

Have you always wanted an iPhone but never quite had the cash to get one brand new or didn’t want to get caught up in a two year phone network contract? Refurbished iPhones have grown in popularity in the last year especially as the quality of the refurbs is almost as a good as a brand new iPhone. The most popular iPhone to date is still the refurbished iPhone 5S and for a brand new model you are looking at €550.00 when compared with a refurbished iPhone which sells for €300 unlocked from

refurbished iPhone 5SIt is also important to note that there are several types of refurb options available. Usually most shops have a grading system based on the quality of the phone and parts. These grading systems are usually A – C in terms of quality but some shops don’t deal in C grade refurbished products for obvious reasons. A grade quality is usually as good as new with no marks on the casings and B grade quality usually has some physical marks or scratches and this is reflected in the price.

Most shops that sell these refurbished iPhones are also repair shops and offer a warranty on the phone so if there is ever a problem they will repair it for free. This gives the customer peace of mind when shopping for a iPhone.