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Where to get WIFI Signal Boosters in New Ross?

June 9, 2016

Wifi boosters are small devices (not much bigger than a plug) that allow you to strengthen and lengthen the range of your home or work WIFI network. As most houses, apartments and workplaces become better insulated WIFI signal boosters have become more and more popular as they allow you to eliminate any dead areas your WIFI network may have in your premises. There is not a lot to this technology although there are many brands but most of them are essentially offering the same product.wifi signal booster

The main things to look for in a WIFI signal booster are speed, frequency and price. Most WIFI boosters can send a network speed of 150mbps which is more than enough for most homes or offices based in Ireland including New Ross :). However there are now 300mbps boosters which are obviously able to transmit a faster signal but it is important to note that your internet provider and router actually provide the existing speed of the internet and the WIFI repeater is merely repeating that signal and does not speed up an existing signal. Some of the cheaper WIFI signal boosters can lessen the speed of your overall internet connection as they use up bandwidth when receiving and sending out the signal.

You can get around this by getting a dual band WIFI signal which receives on one frequency and sends out the signal on another frequency. This is a worthy investment as it can actually give you slightly faster internet due to operating on a different frequency.

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