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Quadcopter buying guide for newbies

October 26, 2016

Quadcopters are a special type of drones. When a drone is driven by four rotors, then it is a called a quadcopter or a quad helicopter. And the other two important parts of a quadcopter are the motor and the propeller. Quadcopters are a little bit different than the conventional drones. These quadcopters can be controlled by the remotes, so, in that case, no reprogramming input is required.

In the modern day, the application of the quadcopters is increasing rapidly. In fact, it has a fair impact on the military and the commercial field. With the large usage of quadcopters, the lifestyle of the citizen can be improved by a fair margin. And when it comes to defense, the quadcopters can be used for drone attacks. And these drone attacks are really getting quite effective against the enemy as well.

And some other usage of quadcopters is in the field of commercial purposes and agricultural purposes. And when it comes to secure a particular area, then it can be said that quadcopters are really efficient in doing that. And the amount of risk is quite less. So these facts may look quite interesting to you, and it may lead you to buy a quadcopter.

So, the next discussion is about the different things that you should look for while buying a quadcopter.

Different things to look while buying a quadcopter:

If you have no experience with the quadcopters and if you are not willing to spend too much money on buying quadcopters then you may opt for quadcopters which are below €100 from These drones come with a 2MP camera. But still, these quadcopters are able to record a good quality of image and videos.

But at the same point if you want to have some adventurous experience with the quadcopters, then you can definitely buy the remote controlled quadcopters. If you buy the remote controlled drones, then you may have to buy some parts separately. And at the same point, your quadcopter may crush as well. But if you are able to fly this quadcopter properly, then it will be quite enjoyable, and it can give you a very good feeling at the same time as well.

So, if you are opting for such drones, then it is always advised that you go through the manual of that particular quadcopter. And at the same time, you should have a glance at the user reviews and user ratings. It will help to give you a fair idea about the product. So, you will have to decide if that drone is the right choice for you or not. But if you are buying a drones for the very first time, then it is always recommended that do not research too much. And always opt for such products which have higher user ratings and reviews.

It can be assumed that this discussion is able to give you a fair amount of idea about quadcopters and how to decide on the best one that would suit your requirements aptly.

Why Android TV Boxes Outshine Their Rivals

August 9, 2016

As someone, who absolutely loves their television shows and movies, you’re likely always on the hunt for a new way to access your entertainment content. Many people will stick with their cable subscription, but this is simply too expensive. Instead, it would be wise to switch to an Android TV box as soon as possible. What can a television box do for you? You’ll be able to find out below.

Tons Of Content

android boxWhen it comes down to it, your cable can only provide you with so many channels and adding more will increase your monthly costs. By making the switch to an Android TV box, you’ll be able to increase the content that you can access substantially. With an Android box, you can watch almost anything, including live television, on-demand content, and even YouTube.

Much More Affordable

Another thing to remember is that the Android box doesn’t require a monthly subscription. Instead, you’ll be able to use the box as much as you wish throughout the month and will never have to worry about paying for anything. Once you’ve paid the initial fee, you won’t have to pay anything else ever again.


And, it is also possible to listen to music through your Android box. Many of these devices will provide you with access to certain radio streams, including Pandora. This will effectively transform your Android box into a radio station.

Video Games

It is never possible to play video games with your regular television. By making the switch over to an Android box, you’ll be able to turn your TV into a video game console. Since the box runs on the Android operating system, you’ll be able to utilize it to play any Android game you can find! And, it is also possible to connect a controller to box, so you’ll have more control over your in-game character. If you haven’t switched over yet, it is definitely time to do so!

Our friends have launched a new website!

June 22, 2016

We here at Acorn House would like to give our friends who started a new business called Bonus Electronics a big shout and wish them the best in their new venture. They decided to launch an electronics website offering quick delivery and a better range of products than available already. We know that this was a big decision for them and no one taken lightly so we really hope that it goes well as starting a new business can be tough.


For those interested they will be offering a huge range of electronics starting with bluetooth speakers, portable speakers, wireless headphones, chargers, cables and everything else you would expect from a good electronics store. They have told us that delivery will be next day on in stock items which is quicker than most other stores including amazon. To begin with they are only offering delivery in Ireland but hope to expand to the rest of Europe if things go according to plan (and we bet they will!).


From experience with our own site here at Acorn House we understand the amount of work it takes to get a website up and running as well as maintenance and marketing of it. So best of luck to those involved and we are sure your site will become successful in the near future!

Save Money With Refurbished iPhones in New Ross

June 14, 2016

Have you always wanted an iPhone but never quite had the cash to get one brand new or didn’t want to get caught up in a two year phone network contract? Refurbished iPhones have grown in popularity in the last year especially as the quality of the refurbs is almost as a good as a brand new iPhone. The most popular iPhone to date is still the refurbished iPhone 5S and for a brand new model you are looking at €550.00 when compared with a refurbished iPhone which sells for €300 unlocked from

refurbished iPhone 5SIt is also important to note that there are several types of refurb options available. Usually most shops have a grading system based on the quality of the phone and parts. These grading systems are usually A – C in terms of quality but some shops don’t deal in C grade refurbished products for obvious reasons. A grade quality is usually as good as new with no marks on the casings and B grade quality usually has some physical marks or scratches and this is reflected in the price.

Most shops that sell these refurbished iPhones are also repair shops and offer a warranty on the phone so if there is ever a problem they will repair it for free. This gives the customer peace of mind when shopping for a iPhone.